An Approach for e-inclusion: Bringing illiterates and disabled people into play


  • Giovanni Moura de Holanda Fundação CPqD
  • Juliano Castilho Dall' Antonia Fundação CPqD


In emergent economies, the continued process of digitalizing the ICTs, summed up with some sociocultural particularies and porvety, contributes to cleave the society into two groups: the connected and the increasingly more disconnected or socially excluded. However, efforts to effectively narrow this kind of divide transcends the provision of access to web and other digital networks, mainly if the attention is focused on people with disabilities and lack of literacy. For these social groups, accessibility and intelligibility are the key barriers to e-society. A manner to mitigate then is the objective of an ongoing research project in which we are engaged and that comprises the elaboration and application of a methodology for developing solutions to e-inclusion in Brazil. This paper presents the central aspects of such an appoach, focusing on some activities which go beyond the connectivity provision and may help the most “excludeds” in bridging the divide.


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Author Biographies

Giovanni Moura de Holanda, Fundação CPqD

Pesquisador e consultor sênior Diretoria de TV Digital

Juliano Castilho Dall' Antonia, Fundação CPqD

Gerente de Planejamento e Análise Diretoria de TV Digital




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Holanda, G. M. de, & Dall' Antonia, J. C. (2006). An Approach for e-inclusion: Bringing illiterates and disabled people into play. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 1(3), 29–37. Retrieved from



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