Políticas para el Desarrollo de Empresas Biotecnológicas en Latinoamérica con miras al Bicentenario: El Caso de Chile

Jaime A. Olavarría A., Jeannette Soto


Article in Spanish

Most of the latin american countries, between 2010 and 2015, Hill celebrate 200 years of independence and most of them Project to live this milestone with characteristics of Developed country. In Chile, the challenge has taken seriously by several institutions and is projected that, in 2010, the Chilean economy will be based on the knowledge and the innovation. Chile, with the credit support of international bank institutions, and also the savings product principally of the highest copper prices, framed in a organized expense policy, wish to invest a lot more that the historic Science and Technology (C&T) (CONICYT, 2006).

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