Use of Corporate Portal in Automotive Industry


  • Silvia Novaes Zilber UNINOVE


Corporate Portals are applications which integrate information and company services, making them available in one unique access spot. The automotive industry concentrates a huge quantity of information in several areas, considering the centralization of information before the existence of corporate portals hard to implement, due to lack of a convenient technology. The knowledge management concept aims to ensure that everybody inside the organization has access to the knowledge generated, therefore sharing it. In such context, the objective of this work was to identify the use of corporate portals for knowledge management in the Automotive Industry, more specifically the corporate portal for relationship with customers, identifying its use for knowledge management. Some results show that, increasingly, customers are being given the opportunity to customize their purchases, including everything from the exterior shape to the interior features.


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Silvia Novaes Zilber, UNINOVE

department of business administration




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