Technology Roadmapping for Commercializing Strategic Innovations


  • Ray R. Gehani The University of Akron


In the increasingly globalized world economies, a variety of drivers define the market and regulatory contexts for commercializing the strategic innovations that provide significant competitive advantage in the near-term and long-term future. In this study we examine how technological roadmapping integrates these strategic contextual factors with the organizational capabilities and resources of the firm to commercialize strategic innovations. This is done by first examining four roadmapping case-studies: (1) at Motorola, (2) at Sandia National laboratories, (3) the National and International Roadmaps for Semiconductors, and (3) nanotechnologies. A five stage process is proposed for commercializing strategic innovations. Finally, managerial implications and potential future research are discussed.


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Author Biography

Ray R. Gehani, The University of Akron

Director, Graduate programs in Management of Technology and Innovation; Management Department




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