Patents, Drug Delivery and Public Health Protection: Health Risk Management for Nanopharmaceuticals

Leonardo da Silva Sant`Anna, Aldo Pacheco Ferreira, Maria Simone de Menezes Alencar


The present article discusses the general risks associated with nanotechnology applications and the defcits of the risk management of engineered nanopharmaceutical particles. An evaluation of the possible health or environmental risks of nanoparticles must systematically be carried out and it is important to ensure that particle size and chemistry are taken into account when investigating possible adverse effects. It has been a goal subsidizes the policy-makers to adapt and modernize the regulatory framework on nanotechnology and risks involving health as a strategic area in the politics of Science. It is essential that health and environment be always directly or indirectly involved in various researches to understand the causes of affections and to develop control procedures in order to avoid them, providing results achievable, reliable and secure.


nanopharmaceuticals development; risk management; public health; environment

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