A Proposal of Logistic Services Innovation Strategy for a Mining Company


  • Felisa Margarita Cordova Universidad de Santigo de Chile
  • Claudia Durán
  • Juan Sepúlveda
  • Alfredo Fernández Los Pelambres
  • Mauricio Rojas Los Pelambres




Logistics, Services, Innovation, Mining, Strategy, Win-Win Concept, Suppliers, Alliances, Negotiation, Learning.


A logistic service innovation strategy for a mining company and their key suppliers is presented, using the win-win concept with the objective of improve its position, policies, strategic objectives and relationships between companies. The strategy allows increasing the business profitability, to diminish the operational costs and the times of negotiation and learning. The chain value of the productive process is analyzed and also the business strategies of each company in order to identify the key factors involved in the strategic alliance. Contracts negotiation between the company and its suppliers is examined by SWOT analysis, Pareto´s ABC tool and expert knowledge of the process. The strategy is applied to a mining company and its key suppliers working in the modality of strategic long term alliances.


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Author Biographies

Felisa Margarita Cordova, Universidad de Santigo de Chile

Director of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Faculty of Engineering at University of Santiago of Chile

Claudia Durán


Juan Sepúlveda



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How to Cite

Cordova, F. M., Durán, C., Sepúlveda, J., Fernández, A., & Rojas, M. (2012). A Proposal of Logistic Services Innovation Strategy for a Mining Company. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 7(1), 175–185. https://doi.org/10.4067/S0718-27242012000100012



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