Innovación Tecnológica Forestal, Desarrollos y Desafíos Científico- Tecnológicos en Chile

Alejandro Vega, Leonora Romero


This article presents an analysis compared of situation of Chile in the Forestal Technological Innovation, based in the endogenous development of new knowledge and incorporating like central line of this publication the achievements reaches on the subject of forestal biotechnology by our country.

For which, it has to use the worldwide base of references of mainstream ISI, as another references of secondary character, on the basis of an aggregate of generic terms like: Innovation, technology and biotechnology; and specific terms of the sector. Detecting the main sources of worldwide knowledge and examining its coherence and relation with the scientific and technological Chilean duty.

About this article we concluded that the great quantity of forestal resources of Chile doesn't bear relation with the quantity of scientific production leagued to the innovation and technology fields and particularly the biotechnology; developed around this sector. Neither itself have relation with ties established with the principal referring worldwide and its subjects areas of development.

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