O Posicionamento Competitivo Como Ferramenta de Apoio à Transferência de Tecnologias

Lisandra Lunardi, João Luiz Kovaleski


The present article has as objective to verify if the concept of competitive positioning is being used for the National Center of Research of Wheat (Embrapa Wheat) in the actions of transference of the generated technologies. To reach the objective considered in this study, the procedures used for the transference of the technologies generated for the company in the period of 2002 had been analyzed the 2004. As it has supported to the documentary analysis, it was used referencial theoretician on strategical marketing and competitive positioning. Through this analysis the company was evidenced that needs to improve its abilities to absorb, of more didactic form, the information proceeding from the market and, ahead of this, it leaves to use the positioning concept as foundation for the actions of transference of the generated innovations.

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