A Indústria Eletrônica no Brasil e na China: Um Estudo Comparativo e a Análise das Políticas Públicas de Estímulo a Capacidade Tecnológica do Setor

Ghissia Hauser, Aurora Carneiro Zen, Daniel Correa Selao, Patrícia Lazzaroti Garcia


Title: The Electronic Industry in Brazil And China: A Comparative Study And the Analysis of the Public Policies of Stimulation the Technological Capacity of the Sector.

The world-wide economy has passed for reorganization processes. It having evidenced a set of emergent countries that will be able to become the main productive forces of next the 50 years. These countries constitute the BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China. The objective of the article is to compare the development of the electronic industry in Brazil and China, both integrant countries of the BRIC, and to bring elements for the reflection on the public politics of stimulation technological capacity of the sector. This study evidence that the intervention of the government, in form of technology policy, plays an important role in stimulate the national technological capacity of the sector.

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