How To Bring the Work of a Science Park to Its Territory


  • Jose M. Mateu Universitat Politècnica de València.
  • Vicent Clemente-Ciscar Parc Científic de la Universitat de València, Paterna



science park, university-industry interaction, knowledge transfer, technology transfer, regional development


Science parks have become useful instruments in transferring knowledge from universities to the industry. On the other hand, some studies have affirmed that technology transfer activities and results can be encouraged by geographical proximity between companies and university premises and people. If this is true, it would be useful to set up science park satellite sites near selected geographical areas. A few science parks have actually have done this. However, research in this field is scarce and anecdotic.

We qualitatively explored this field, using the case of the University of Valencia’s Science Park. Our work provides and tests a methodology to help with the decision to set up a science park satellite site, consisting of three questions: why, what and how. Our work also highlights some key issues related to the viability of this kind of decision.


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Mateu, J. M., & Clemente-Ciscar, V. (2022). How To Bring the Work of a Science Park to Its Territory. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 17(3), 12–24.



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