Avaliação de Desempenho de Projetos de Data Warehouse

Diogo Everson Santos, Renato Oliveira Moraes


This article presents a proposal of methodology of evaluation of performance for the project of creation of Data Warehouse (DW) of Sebrae MG. A DW is a great corporative data base fed by information systems does business, many distinct times in formats and architectures, very increasing in the time, integrated and guided to the business whose function and to support the managemental decisions (IMMON, 1996). The evaluation methodology proposal is bases on three elements - people, process and techniques (RUBIO and BIRTH, 2005) - and uses the conceptualization of performance of projects of Shenhar (2001). Destarte, the judgment on the degree the success (or failure) of a project of Data Warehouse (DW) will depend on the perception of the involved ones (stake holders) and of the different moments where the evaluation (re) is made. The evaluation of performance of DW projects if initiates during the development of the project and if it extends after until its conclusion. In the phases you initiate, is looked to identify necessities of correction of route to also guarantee the benefits of short term and, by means of estimates of future impacts, of medium and long run.

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