Patent Mapping in Emerging Countries


  • Carlos Tatum Universidade Federal de Sergipe
  • Suzana Leitão Russo Intellectual Property Science Program - PPGPI, Federal University of Sergipe - UFS



innovation, technology, prospection, development, economy


Perform a technological prospecting permits the Company to understand what in the future may have as economic assets to their own nation and which technologies will be available in terms of innovation. In this paper, we aimed to construct a panorama with technological indicators through patents focusing mainly in emerging countries that make up the BRIC group. It was sought as obtaining results, variables such as: profiles of patent offices, numbers of intellectual protection applications, patent applications by offices in the applicable countries of forms resident and abroad by family of patents, as well as the technological profiles of these patents, of their inventors and of their investors. With this multicase study, reflections were supported through bibliographic references in scientific articles and international reports, and the extraction of technological data in patents were results of one exploratory verification in the Patent Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Taking the general understanding that emerging countries are growing index in intellectual protection records in the issue of patents and there is a general effort from their offices by the motivation to innovation, as well as multinational companies stand out in this segment of intellectual assets.


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Tatum, C. ., & Leitão Russo, S. . (2020). Patent Mapping in Emerging Countries. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 15(2), 103–115.



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