Agrobiodiversity Products by SWOT Analysis as an Analysis for Strategic Innovation

Amanda Valverde, Sandra Magalhães-Fraga, Jorge Magalhaes, Wanise Barroso


The paper aimed to demonstrate the potential of agro-biodiversity products derived from medicinal plants of the family farmers in Profito network (specific program of the Brazilian government). Method used was scenarios analysis of the knowledge. Literature review it was in the scientific database. According to the new "green wave" created by contemporary society aiming a better health and quality of life by population, it led to the depredation of medicinal species due to the acceleration of global trade demand. Thus, was constructed a SWOT analysis to support managers in strategic planning through of the potential agro-biodiversity products. It shows the appreciation of environmentally conscious products, economically sustainable and the creation of new public policies that ensure and valuation to the rescue, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity since they are essential for building this niche market.


agrobiodiversity; technological innovation; SWOT; knowledge translation; knowledge management

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