Birth and Expansion of Innovation Ecosystems: A Case Study of Copper Production

  • Ozgur Dedehayir School of Management, Queensland University of Technology
  • Marko Seppänen Department of Pori, Tampere University of Technology.
Keywords: innovation ecosystem, life cycle, complex product system, copper production


Despite the growing attention innovation ecosystems have received from scholars and practitioners, rather little is known about the crucial birth and expansion phases that these ecosystems experience. Through a single case in the complex product system (CoPS) environment, this paper investigates the development of an innovation ecosystem between 1980 and 2007. The findings demonstrate that the ecosystem’s birth phase includes sub-phases, namely, invention and start-up, where the ecosystem is reconfigured to find the appropriate form and the proper actors to satisfy the first customer’s requirements. Moreover, the duration of the expansion phase is found to be remarkably long, suggesting that within the CoPS setting, expansion may also include two or more sub-phases.


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Dedehayir, O., & Seppänen, M. (2015). Birth and Expansion of Innovation Ecosystems: A Case Study of Copper Production. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 10(2), 145-153.
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