Explorando Distintos Tipos de Innovación en Micro y Pequeñas Empresas Peruanas

  • José Isaac Yrigoyen Departamento de Ingeniería, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


This article explores the innovation phenomenon, from a multidimensional perspective, in two groups of micro and small enterprises of traditional sectors. The analysis considers demand-driven innovations such as product, marketing and market innovations as well as innovations intended to operational efficiency which include administrative and production process innovations. Data were collected from 50 businesses. In terms of demand-driven innovations, the results show that the group of furniture manufacturers mainly focuses on product innovations relegating marketing and market innovations. In contrast, the group of Pisco producers has greater diversification among these three types of innovation, and at the same time, higher concentration on each of them. Regarding efficiency-oriented innovations, both groups showed similar behavior with more introductions of production process innovations.


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Author Biography

José Isaac Yrigoyen, Departamento de Ingeniería, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Departamento de Ingeniería, Profesor Asociado


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