Mentoring & Coaching. Perspectivas en las TICs


  • Ricardo Colomo Palacios Universidad Carlos III Madrid
  • Cristina Casado Lumbreras Universidad Complutense Madrid


The development of the intellectual capital of the corporations nowadays represents one of the most significant challenges for the managers of and one of the most fertile fields for the enterpreneurial innovation. The present article shows a vision over two of the techniques of formation of people with greater impact at the present time: the Mentoring and the Coaching. Both terms have been object of debates regarding to their applications, existing, in spite of their notoriety, great confusion on their differences and possible applications. The article reviews the origin of the concepts, its differences and similarities and explores with depth, the applications of it in the field of the Management of the Technologies of the Information.


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Author Biographies

Ricardo Colomo Palacios, Universidad Carlos III Madrid

Departamento de Informática Escuela Politécnica Superior

Cristina Casado Lumbreras, Universidad Complutense Madrid

Departamento de Psicología Social Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Sociología




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Colomo Palacios, R., & Casado Lumbreras, C. (2006). Mentoring & Coaching. Perspectivas en las TICs. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 1(3), 131–139. Retrieved from




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