Social Networks as Enablers of Enterprise Creativity: Evidence from Portuguese Firms and Users

Silvia Fernandes, Ana Belo


The present work analyzes the profiles of social networks’ users, individuals and enterprises in Algarve (Portugal), having accomplished online questionnaires. Samples of 230 users and 70 firms were collected. According to data obtained there are different behaviors. Users’ results highlight the need of harnessing the potential of recruitment and business projects through social networks, as searching for knowledge, communication and professional relations are expressive. Firms’ results reveal two types of social networks’ use: 1) knowledge search, interact with customers, launch new products; and 2) potential for marketing. Users’ desire of expressing own ideas and being creative had low importance. In social networks they auscultate more about what others are doing than revealing own aspirations. Here firms can act in order to shape users’ attitudes and preferences to their creativity. Thus, enterprises can use the first level of social networks (knowledge and product-customer interaction) in order to enhance the second level (marketing and innovation).


social networks, users, firms, profiles, behaviors

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