Brazilian Incubators and Science Parks’ resources and R&D collaboration

Keywords: innovation, cooperation, innovation environments, tenant firms


One initiative largely stimulated through public policy to strengthen firms’ innovation capacity is the creation and consolidation of Incubators and Science & Technology Parks (ISTPs). These habitats aim to foster innovation through, among other methods, the promotion of resource complementarity and action interdependence. Empirical studies, however, have not been conclusive about this. This article analyse the relations between resources provided by ISTPs and the elements of collaborative R&D. We conducted a survey with Brazilian ISTPs and analysed the results using a quantitative multilevel approach. Our study suggests that these innovative environments do affect collaborative R&D, but not by through the services and infrastructure they provide. We indicate possible alternatives to support future studies that analyse ISTPs in emerging countries.


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Schmidt, S., & Balestrin, A. (2015). Brazilian Incubators and Science Parks’ resources and R&D collaboration. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 10(3), 32-43.
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