News: Call for papers: Innovation Challenges in Latin America

Deadline 30 March 2019

Given the above, we propose this "special issue" of the Journal of Technology Management and Innovation (, with the purpose of contributing to the discussion of the challenges to promote innovation in Latin America. With the purpose of orienting the research proposals, we propose the Global Index of Innovation[1] as a framework, considering the disaggregation of its dimensions and components. It will allow shedding light on topics that can be addressed for this special issue oriented to the firm´s innovation, such as:

  • Ease of starting a business
  • Ease of resolving insolvency
Human Capital and Research
  • Researchers
  • Global R&D companies


  • Uses and access of Information and Communication Technologies
  • ISO 14001 environmental certificates

Market sophistication

  • Ease of getting credit
  • Intensity of local competition
  • Domestic market scale

Business sophistication

  • The percentage of females employed with advanced degrees out of total employed
  • University/industry research collaboration
  • Intellectual property payments
  • Research talent in business enterprise

Knowledge and technology outputs

  • Patent applications by origin
  • New business density
  • Total computer software spending
  • High-tech exports

Creative outputs.

  • Cultural and creative services exports
  • Mobile app creation



Innovation Challenges in Latin America, special Issue, call for papers