Section Policies

Research Articles

Research articles are empirical or conceptual papers that present the results of research or new theories which integrate existing literature.  A research article represents a substantial advance in understanding of the technology management & innovation.  They do not normally exceed 12 pages of JOTMI and have no more than 30 references. (One page of undiluted text is about 1,500 words.)

Articles have a summary, separate from the main text, of up to 250 words, which does not have references, and does not contain numbers, abbreviations, acronyms or measurements unless essential. It is aimed at readers outside the discipline.

This summary contains a paragraph (2-3 sentences) of basic-level introduction to the field; a brief account of the background and rationale of the work; a statement of the main conclusions (introduced by the phrase 'Here we show' or its equivalent); and finally, 2-3 sentences putting the main findings into general context so it is clear how the results described in the paper have moved the field forwards.

Articles are typically 4,000 - 7,000 words of text, beginning with up to 500 words of referenced text expanding on the background to the work (some overlap with the summary is acceptable), before proceeding to a concise, focused account of the findings, ending with one or two short paragraphs of discussion. The text may contain a few short subheadings (not more than six in total) of no more than 40 characters each (less than one line of text in length).

Articles typically have 4 or 5 display items (figures or tables).

Case Studies

Case Studies should be about work carried out on a national, regional or local basis. They are likely to include the following: a background scenario; a clear statement of the purpose of the work; a relationship to past or current work; who was involved; what happened; what happened; what deductions can be made; a critical review of the work; how the case study has implications for others.


Reviews are articles that summarize and analyze a topic of importance to the Journal of Technology Management & Innovation. Only reviews that contribute to the literature will be accepted, and bibliometric reviews that only describe the literature on a specific topic will not be accepted. Readers should be able to learn what is known and what questions remain unresolved about the subject.  Reviews should include an introduction to the problem or issue, including why the topic is of interest, and a discussion of the issues or new information as they are related to the topic of technology management & innovation.

The body of the review may be subdivided using headings that describe the major ideas being discussed. Reviews should cite suitable references to document statements that are not considered general knowledge and may also provide a list of printed and/or electronic resources for further information.