El Desafío de Gestionar el Conocimiento Científico


  • Alejandro Jiménez M. Lic. en Ciencias B. UACH. Mag. Gestión Tecnológica (c)


Article in Spanish The challenge of manage the scientific knowledge The optimal commercialization of scientific findings is an interesting issue to several technology managers and also to developers of public policies. This implies a special challenge due unfortunately to the not necessarily the good scientific ideas are translated to business. To achieve this, researchers in the future must have skills in science, technology and finances, to confront the demands and requirements projected ina a knowledge based economy.


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Alejandro Jiménez M., Lic. en Ciencias B. UACH. Mag. Gestión Tecnológica (c)

Alejandro Jiménez M. is a Biologist from Universidad Austral de Chile and Master in Technology Management from Universidad de Talca, Chile. He is also founder editor of the Journal of Technology Management & Innovation. He focuses on the biotechnology industry, ICTs, technology transference and innovation marketing. He has developed activities as entrepreneur and consultant to private and state-owned companies. Nowadays, he works as Associate Professor and Researcher at the Business and Economics Faculty, Alberto Hurtado University, Chile.






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