Inovação na Pequena Empresa - Um Estudo de Caso na Tropical Brasil


  • Fernando Ribeiro Serra UNISUL
  • Gabriela Gonçalves Fiates UNISUL
  • Graziela Dias Alperstedt UDESC


Title: INNOVATION IN SMALL BUSINESS – TROPICAL BRASIL CASE STUDY Innovation is remarked by several authors as a strategy and need for companies survival on a changing environment. The adoption of an innovation culture is not an easy task. Innovation comes from the change and requires an adequate organizational environment. The organization environment must allow and incentive creativity and trial errors acceptance. This article discusses and characterizes the innovation in a small company environment: Tropical Brasil. Company analysis is based in working papers and previous researches. It suggests that an innovation culture is related to the entrepreneur, its goals and beliefs. To the way he manage the business “infecting” all people with his will and anxiety for doing better.


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Author Biographies

Fernando Ribeiro Serra, UNISUL

PhD in Engineering. Director of Unisul Business School and Professor and Researcher of Graduate Business Administration Program of Unisul - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina.

Gabriela Gonçalves Fiates, UNISUL

PhD in Engineering. Director of Master in Business Administration at Unisul.

Graziela Dias Alperstedt, UDESC

PhD in Engineering. Professor of Master in Business administration at ESAG UDESC.




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Serra, F. R., Fiates, G. G., & Alperstedt, G. D. (2007). Inovação na Pequena Empresa - Um Estudo de Caso na Tropical Brasil. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 2(2), 170–183. Retrieved from



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