Orientación hacia el Desarrollo del Turismo del Vino de las Webs de las Bodegas de La Rioja y Aragón (España)


  • Mercedes Marzo-Navarro Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Zaragoza.
  • Marta Pedraja-Iglesias Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Zaragoza.
  • Lucia Vinzón Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Zaragoza.




tourism management, Winery Websites, Websites of La Rioja and Aragón (Spain), Wine Tourism


Wine Tourism Development Orientation in Winery Websites of La Rioja and Aragón (Spain)

The incorporation of Internet into tourism management enabled the configuration of a distribution channel which is able to promote tourist products and destinations. Websites have become a key factor in modern tourism industry due to their power to stimulate market demand at low cost. In an information-intensive industry websites enhance distribution, customer relationship and information access. This paper is focusing on winery websites of two Spanish regions, and the objective was to evaluate if the websites are used as a tool to develop relationship marketing and to become a wine tourism destination. The results show that about 35% of wineries have a website, but customer relationships are scarcely developed. Furthermore it detects the existence of a website group focused on wine tourism development, apart from an e-commerce focused group and a basic information group.


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Author Biography

Mercedes Marzo-Navarro, Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Zaragoza.

Assistant Professor, in the Department of Economics and Business Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Zaragoza.


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