Socio-Environmental and Sustainability Assessment for Technology Innovations at Pectens Production in Brazil


  • Márcio Ricardo Costa dos Santos Universidade Federal Fluminense
  • Geraldo Stachetti Rodrigues Laboratorio de Manejo Ambiental - Embrapa Meio Ambiente, Jaguariúna, Sao Paulo - Brazil.



sustainability indicators, impact assessment, reproduction management, pectens production, sustainable development.


This study presents a practical impact assessment method for the adoption of technology innovations at Pectens In vitro Fertilization Laboratory in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. To fulfill the system framework requirements, focused on reproductive and productive enterprises, field visits and interview with the laboratory executive director were carried out. Considering the pectens production activities, 24 socio-environmental indicators were developed and the impact indices were automatically calculated by the system’s spreadsheets. General performance index for the pectens reproduction activities indicated an important contribution of technological innovations for the sustainable production of the In vitro Fertilization Laboratory. The employed method was considered as appropriate for evaluations of sustainability at this agribusiness activity, dealing with indicators as tools in order to identify possible risks for negative impacts. Those indicators include aspects beyond those commonly presented by environmental impact assessments, and were capable to provide adequate management and sustainable development for the studied Organization.


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Author Biography

Márcio Ricardo Costa dos Santos, Universidade Federal Fluminense

Prof.Dr. of Biothecnology of Reproduction, at the Veterinary Pathology and Clinics Department of the Vet. College of UFF.


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Santos, M. R. C. dos, & Stachetti Rodrigues, G. (2008). Socio-Environmental and Sustainability Assessment for Technology Innovations at Pectens Production in Brazil. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 3(3), 123–128.



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