Políticas Públicas de Educação no Brasil: A Utilização da EaD Como Instrumento de Inclusão Social

José Matias Pereira


The present article searchs to analyze - from the debate on the theory and the concept of education in the distance - the possibilities of intensive use of the EaD, in the context of the new public politics of education, as instrument of social inclusion in Brazil. It is verified, in this analysis that education in the distance, in a context where the continued learning started to be part in the life of the people, is presented as an important tool in the process of construction of public politics of education in the country. We conclude that, in the management of the public politics of education in the distance in Brazil must be advanced in the consistent construction of one arcabouço institucional and in the generation of stimulatons to the research in EaD, with sight to contribute for an increasing social inclusion in the country.


Políticas Públicas, Educação no Brasil

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