El Orientador en el Contexto Comunitario


  • Lizabeth Josefina Pachano Rivera Grupo de Investigaciòn Educativa Escuela Comunidad
  • Mireya Vázquez Unidad Educativa Ramón Ignacio Méndez


El Orientador, Contexto Comunitario


The new political principles of the Venezuelan educational system, which are intended to promote the community work toward an entrepreneurship education, place an emphasis on family-school-community integration, citizenship participation, empowerment of the local identity, and the promotion of the endogenous development. An ethnographic research was conducted in La Quebrada rural setting, Urdaneta County, Trujillo state, Venezuela, to analyze the educational counselor’s functions in order to apply these policies. Among the study’s foundings, the following are highlighted: The importance of community work to promote the endogenous development, the recognition of the investigator and the social promoter roles that have to be developed by the educational counselors into the communitarian context, and the encouragement of agriculture, tourism and ecotourism, as potentials for the community development.
Keywords: entrepreneurship education, communitarian work, endogenous development, educational counselor, communitarian projects.


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Author Biographies

Lizabeth Josefina Pachano Rivera, Grupo de Investigaciòn Educativa Escuela Comunidad

Doctora en Ciencias Interdisciplinarias de la Educaciòn. Profesora Titular de la Universidad de Los Andes, Núcleo Rafael Rangel. Secretaria Grupo de Investigaciòn Educativa Escuela Comunidad.

Mireya Vázquez, Unidad Educativa Ramón Ignacio Méndez

Licenciada en Orientación Educativa. magister en Orientación mención Educación. Orientadora de la Unidad Educativa Ramón Ignacio Méndez. Trujillo




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