Knowledge transfer opportunities for the bioscience sector in Chile.


  • Cristian Hernandez-Cuevas Colegio de Biotecnologos de Chile/ University of Cambridge


In this article, the movement of knowledge and discoveries that take place in Chile, between academia and industry is reviewed. Examples of knowledge transfer activities, such as training, consultancy, contract and collaborative research as well as licensing relating to Chile’s bioscience sector are presented. In addition, a knowledge transfer ‘fitness’ index of Chile’s six leading universities is derived and analyzed. As a result, an approach for obtaining efficient knowledge transfer activities tailored to the biotechnology industry in Chile is proposed. Indeed, it is recommended that universities that lack intellectual property rights or knowledge transfer capacity concentrate their efforts in developing tailor made consultancy services, focused on biotechnology projects that could be turned into research collaborations with biotechnology companies. Finally, a number of useful information resources about the developments currently taking place in the biotechnology sector in Chile as well as a detail description of the mutual long term benefits of research collaborations to industry and academia are offered.


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Author Biography

Cristian Hernandez-Cuevas, Colegio de Biotecnologos de Chile/ University of Cambridge

Cristian Hernandez-Cuevas. Master in BioScience Enterprise, Institute of Biotechnology University of Cambridge (2002-2003). "A young Chilean entrepreneur who came to the UK in 2002 to study on a CMI-sponsored enterprise programme has founded an organisation that is now building links between the biotech industries in both countries. Cristian Hernandez-Cuevas, who had already set up a small biotech consulting firm in his native Chile, came to Cambridge in 2002 to take the MPhil programme in BioScience Enterprise - one of six new Masters programmes introduced at Cambridge with the support of CMI. While in Cambridge, he established "very productive links with academics, scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals from the Cambridge cluster" he says, and worked for a number of biotech start-ups before recently joining Daniolabs (a Cambridge drug discovery company that discovers and develops new therapeutics in neurological and ophthalmological diseases) as business development associate READ MORE...




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