Scenarios for the Strategic Planning of Technologies


  • Volker Grienitz University of Siegen
  • Sebastian Ley Unity AG


Manufacturing based corporations often find themselves confronted with complexities of increased pressures to innovate in order to ensure their comparative market positions. In order to react to various exogenous changes corporations need to develop strategies that match their manufacturing resources as well as products with the markets requirements. Technology scenarios represent a holistic approach for managing innovation processes and technologies efficiently. A multidimensional requirement catalogue for specific product- market- combinations represents the fundamental building block for the ranking of particular material- components and technologies. The following analysis through evolutionary algorithms for compatibility between and amongst them provides the necessary information about their suitability. The resulting scenarios and roadmap and a regular monitoring process are prerequisite for the managerial decision making process and the implementation technology strategies.


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Author Biographies

Volker Grienitz, University of Siegen

Department of Production Technology

Sebastian Ley, Unity AG

Competence Center for Strategy Development Lindberghring 1, 33142 Büren, Germany




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Grienitz, V., & Ley, S. (2007). Scenarios for the Strategic Planning of Technologies. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 2(3), 21–37. Retrieved from



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