Modelos de Negocio en las Empresas de Biotecnología: Análisis Comparativo entre España y los Países Líderes

Isidre March Chordà, Jose Ramón Seoane Trigo, Rosa Maria Yagüe Perales


Biotechnology is still an emergent industry in Spain with no business models well defined yet. However, in Canada, a leading country for this industry, three models can be already depicted, two of them clearly dominant.

Our empirical fieldwork, based on practically the whole population of Dedicated Biotechnological Firms in Spain, is intended to figure out the significant disparities encountered in the Spanish biotechnology firms in comparison to their Canadian counterparts, in most of the indicators and variables shaping the business models. Our study concludes the Spanish biotechnological industry overwhelmingly compiles services-based companies with low to medium innovative levels. This profile diverges from the most commonly displayed by this industry in Canada.

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