Desarrollo de Proveedores en la Salmonicultura Chilena

  • Carlos Torres Fuchslocher Universidad de Talca


The development of linkages among resource-based industries and local technology-intensive suppliers plays an important role in economic development. The objective of this article is to determine those factors that have been involved in the successful development of manufacture suppliers within the Chilean salmon industry. It analyses the industry-level and firm-level factors based on a theoretic-explorative and an empirical research. The results emphasise on the opportunities offered by high demand in atomised industries and on the role of the entrepreneur, the use of qualified labour and cooperation in the competitiveness of local suppliers at the firm-level.


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Carlos Torres Fuchslocher, Universidad de Talca
Facultad de Ingeniería
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Torres Fuchslocher, C. (2007). Desarrollo de Proveedores en la Salmonicultura Chilena. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 2(1), 92-107. Retrieved from
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