Technological Innovation Sources and Institutional Supports for Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Isaac Oluwajoba Abereijo, Stephen Akinade Adegbite, Matthew Oluwagbemiga Ilori, A. A. Adeniyi, Helen Aderemi


The study examined the technological innovation sources, the relevance of these sources as well as institutional supports and their significance to the innovativeness of small and medium manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) in Southwestern Nigeria. The data for the study were collected through questionnaire and interview schedule from a sample of 100 manufacturing SMEs. The results reveal that the key information sources for innovation among these companies are customers; suppliers of equipment and machinery; seminars, training and conferences; market research and business associations. None of the external inputs that the companies needed for internal learning and innovation come from government agencies. The results suggest the urgent need for enterprise-oriented technology transfer from public funded R&D institutions to link the science and technology system with small and medium enterprises production units. Similarly, the SMEs associations should be strengthened to provide opportunities for their members to continuously learn about new technology developments and opportunities to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the sector.


technological innovation; manufacturing SMEs; innovation sources; institutional supports.

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