Vigilancia Tecnológica Cientifica de Ciclos Biogeoquímicos


  • Carlos Felipe Gaitan Ospina University of British Columbia



vigilancia tecnológica, mapas auto-organizados, aprendizaje no supervisado, bases de datos.


The use of new tools is needed in order to study the geosciences, where gathering information related with different variables is required. This activity implies the use of human and financial resources; nevertheless, each year many losses are registered because of the use of resources in the development of previously invented technologies. This fact and the growing amount of information at patent offices and Proquest databases, encouraged the design of a tool capable of classifying this kind of information.


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Author Biography

Carlos Felipe Gaitan Ospina, University of British Columbia

Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences Graduate Research Assistant


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Gaitan Ospina, C. F. (2009). Vigilancia Tecnológica Cientifica de Ciclos Biogeoquímicos. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 4(2), 44–53.



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