The Role of Human Capital on Enhancing Organizational Information Technology Capabilities: An Alternative Approach


  • Danilo Magno Marchiori University of Beira Interior
  • Ricardo Gouveia Rodrigues University of Beira Interior
  • Silvio Popadiuk Mackenzie Presbyterian University
  • Emerson Wagner Mainardes Fucape Business School



IT human capital; IT capabilities; structural equation modeling; Public sector


In a constantly changing world, the organizational IT capabilities are progressively perceived as vital enablers of superior organizational productivity. Despite the often-accentuated importance of IT human assets, their exact role and connection with IT capabilities remain somewhat nebulous. Consequently, this research explores the specificities of IT human capital and its influence on IT capabilities, deriving insights from human capital literature and theories grounded in vision-oriented dynamic resources and capabilities. This investigation has considered responses from 246 Chief Information Officers employed in Brazilian public institutions and has utilized structural equation modelling (CB-SEM) for analysis. It has determined that IT human capital encompasses multidimensional attributes that include interpersonal competencies, technical expertise, and team members' engagement with technology. Furthermore, IT human capital is portrayed as a precursor to IT capabilities, not an intrinsic element, as commonly proposed in the scholarly domain. The research proposes a pragmatic, empirically validated approach to gauge and evaluate the impact of IT human resources. It also advocates potential strategies for organizations to source and cultivate IT human capital ready to confront the perpetual dynamism of today's environments.


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Author Biographies

Danilo Magno Marchiori, University of Beira Interior

Danilo Magno Marchiori is Ph.D. in Management at University of Beira Interior (Portugal) and Mackenzie Presbyterian University (Brazil). His academic background includes a master’s degree in Management at FUCAPE Business School (Brazil). He is a research fellow in NECE-UBI (Research Center in Business Sciences) and Professor at Federal University of Espírito Santo (Brazil).

Ricardo Gouveia Rodrigues, University of Beira Interior

Ricardo Gouveia Rodrigues is Professor at University of Beira Interior, and deputy director of the Research Centre NECE-UBI. Holds a PhD in Business. His main research interests are Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Has over 40 international publications, participated in several projects, and coordinated an international project on impact of Entrepreneurship Education.

Silvio Popadiuk, Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Silvio Popadiuk is Professor of the Management Post Graduation Program at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, Brazil, since 1993. His research interests includes studies of knowledge management, innovation, knowledge creation, decision making, knowledge transfer, exploitation and exploration, ambidexterity, absorptive capacity.

Emerson Wagner Mainardes, Fucape Business School

Emerson Wagner Mainardes is Ph.D. in Management (UBI, Covilhã/Portugal,2010), Associate Professor at FUCAPE Business School, Vitória/ES, Brazil. His academic background includes a master’s degree in Marketing Management (FURB, Blumenau/SC/Brazil, 2007), specialization in Management, and degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a research fellow in CNPq (Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) and NECE (Research Center in Business Sciences). He is editor of the Brazilian Business Review. Expertise: Nonprofit Marketing, Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing.




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Marchiori, D. M., Gouveia Rodrigues, R. ., Popadiuk, S. ., & Mainardes, E. W. (2023). The Role of Human Capital on Enhancing Organizational Information Technology Capabilities: An Alternative Approach. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 18(3), 5–18.



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