Dynamic Capabilities Impact on Innovation: Niche Market And Startups



Dynamic capabilities, Startup, niche market, breakthrough innovation


The purpose of this study is to understand innovation of startups operating in a niche market.  Through a review of previous research works, a conceptual model and propositions are developed, where illustration of a company case is used to exemplify this model. It reveals that a research gap exists regarding startups in a niche market with dynamic capabilities and breakthrough innovations as a source of success. This study reflects on the potential relationship between dynamic capabilities and breakthrough innovation of a startup and its subsequent effect on the performance of the startup in a niche market. It has proposed that dynamic capabilities work as a foundation for startup to develop a breakthrough innovation. It also proposed that in a niche market, both core competency and industrial network are crucial for a startup to scaleup, where breakthrough innovation works as a pathway to acquire consumer acceptance.


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Farhana, M., & Swietlicki, D. (2020). Dynamic Capabilities Impact on Innovation: Niche Market And Startups. Journal of Technology Management &Amp; Innovation, 15(3), 83–96. Retrieved from https://www.jotmi.org/index.php/GT/article/view/3557



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