Open Innovation in Agrifood Chain: A Systematic Review

Giovanna Isabelle Bom de Medeiros, Erlaine Binotto, Silvia Caleman, Thiago Florindo


Despite the practice of open innovation being consolidated, scientific publications are still limited, particularly when related to agribusiness. Through bibliometric technique and content analysis, this study aimed to analyze the state of the art on the subject, explaining the development of open innovation in agribusiness and highlight future research opportunities. The risk of sharing valuable knowledge is the main barrier to adoption. For mitigate it, there is a need for internal organizational changes, the support of communication tools and an intellectual property model that encourage knowledge sharing. Open innovation is a field that needs to be explored in different links in the chain, locations and contexts, in order to help ensure that organizations can benefit from this strategy.


food industry; partnerships; property rights; university; company; research and development.

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