An Up-to-date Survey in Barriers to Open Innovation

  • Rachid Oumlil ENCG-Agadir, Ibn Zohr University
  • Carlos Juiz University of the Balearic Islands
Keywords: Innovation, open innovation, barriers, categorization


Open Innovation (OI) is recently recognized as a key factor in the competitiveness of companies. Firms that are not engaged in OI practice risk of becoming uncompetitive. However, innovating firms are likely to face several challenges often illustrated by barriers. Many researchers studied OI barriers without giving importance to their category. The main objective of this survey is to identify and categorize some barriers to OI practice by analysing how the literature on this topic has evolved for the last seven years (2009-2015). Our understanding of OI barriers can be insightful for future research on OI and it can assist managers, in fostering an innovative culture by supporting new ideas and avoiding an attitude that creates resistance towards these ideas.


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Oumlil, R., & Juiz, C. (2016). An Up-to-date Survey in Barriers to Open Innovation. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 11(3), 137-142.