Características del Gerente General Relacionadas con Investigación y Desarrollo en Empresas de Chile

Gustavo Alfonso Barrera Verdugo, Eugenio Bisama Catillo


CEO’s Features Related to Research and Development in Chilean Companies

The CEO or general manager has an impact on the major strategic and investment decisions in business. Previous research recognized features of general manager as age, experience, gender, ownership of the company and level of studies achieved, related with R&D. In the present investigation, we used logistic regression to recognize whether these patterns are valid in the Chilean companies using as a tool the Business Longitudinal Survey 2015 the Ministry of Economy of Chile. The results show that age, experience, and the manager status as sole owner, impact negatively on R & D, also, that the educational status and male gender have a positive impact. The findings are relevant because conditions are linked to research and development in companies in Chile, which is part of the group of emerging economies are recognized.


Research and development, innovation, CEO, general manager, management characteristics

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