Technology Transfer Model Proposal in Public Research Institutions: The Search for a more Effective Process in the Broiler Chain in Brazil

Nádia S. Schmidt Bassi, Christian Luiz da Silva, Elsio Antonio P. de Figueiredo


Brazilian agricultural and livestock represent 22.54% of the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product. The Brazilian Agricultural and Livestock Research Company aims to develop technologic solutions for this sector. It has an approximate annual budget of 2.5 million dollars and 2,440 researchers. The researches target audience diversity makes more challenging the Technology Transfer process for the institution. The objective of this article was the proposal and validation, under the perception of the broiler productive chain agents, of a Technology Transfer model to optimize the public-private interaction for the institution. Were interviewed 142 agents, with a statistically significant sample, higher than 95%. The results demonstrated the contribution of Embrapa for the technological development of the chain is perceived as low, but the Technology Transfer model presented was considered essential by 96.77% of the respondents to optimize the Technology Transfer of Embrapa Pigs and Poultry to the chain.


Public Research Institutions; Embrapa; Technology Transfer; Broiler productive chain.

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