Research Results Transfer towards the Productive Sector via Research Collaboration in Four Colombian Public Universities

Maria Eugenia Morales Rubiano, Pedro Emilio Sanabria Rangel, Paola Andrea Plata Pacheco, Fabian Arley Ninco Hernández


This article shows the determining factors in the research results transfer towards the productive sector via research collaboration in four Colombian public universities. Thirty heads of units in the aforementioned universities were interviewed, which served to determine eleven cases of study and conduct interviews with thirty-five participants ranging from researchers, participant in formation and business people, in each case, it was found that especially in the last decade universities have turned to creating capacities for research collaboration as well as an openness in participants to create links that not only go in favor of enriching the productive sector but also in strengthening formation and research processes. It was concluded that there is a recent growing interest in the different actors in strengthening the bonds between the universities and the productive sector, though there may be some difficulties in the process of research collaboration due to the lack of an appropriate regulatory framework.


University-Industry relations; R&D transfer; research collaboration; public universities; case-studies; Colombia.

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