Feature Fatigue, IT Fashion and IT Consumerization - Is There a Relationship?

Luiz Antonio Slongo, Mery Blanck, Rafael Alfonso Brinkhues, Rafael Mello Oliveira


Based on the concepts of Feature Fatigue, IT Fashion and IT Consumerization, this paper aims to investigate the relationships between them answering two questions: (1) does the phenomenon of IT Fashion result in Feature Fatigue? (2) Will the concept of Feature Fatigue cause the same effect when looking from the point of view of the IT Consumerization in the corporate environment? The research addresses these questions through two techniques: a laddering and a survey. Albeit tenuously, the results provide evidence that consumption motivated by IT Fashion leads to Feature Fatigue. This study contributes to management research by attempting at the phenomenon described from a multidisciplinary perspective, also contributing to management practice, specifically for marketing managers trying to understand the experiences and expectations of consumers, and also for IT managers engaged in the design of governance policies regarding the use of personal devices by employees in this context.


feature fatigue, IT fashion, IT consumerization.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4067/S0718-27242015000400007

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