Una Metodología Sistémica y Creativa para la Gestión Estratégica: Caso de Estudio Región de Atacama-Chile

Christopher Nikulin, Gabriela Becker


A strategic analysis can be considered as a complex process that requires specific analytical skills as technique, knowledge and intuition. A new methodology needs to be capable of obtaining new knowledge to anticipate a more holistic strategic directions. With this perspective, in this article is proposed a creative and systematic methodology to develop strategic analysis considering different context, the methodology is based on traditional tools from strategic literature and creative tools from problem solving literature known as TRIZ. Moreover, the methodology was conceived as step by step structure in order to support beginners for the application of this type of analysis. Finally, an interesting and real case study was developed in order to show the applicability of the methodology in a relevant industry of Chile as the mining industry.


Metodología, estrategia, minería, Teoría de Resolución de Problemas de Inventiva.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4067/S0718-27242015000200009

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