• Paul Nightingale JOTMI
  • Sergio Diez de Medina JOTMI


The following podcast shows an interview in mp3 format made to Dr. Paul Nightingle, Senior Fellow and Senior Lecturer from SPRU-Freeman Centre (University of Sussex- United Kingdom), Visitor Lecturer in the course Technology Change Management, from the Technology Management Master Degree (Universidad de Talca-Chile). In this occasion Dr. Nightingale answers some questions from Sergio Diez de Medina, JOTMI Managing Editor, discussing the role of policies in science, technology and innovation.


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Author Biographies

Paul Nightingale, JOTMI
Sergio Diez de Medina, JOTMI
Biochemist from Universidad de Chile. Master in Technology Management from Universidad de Talca. His expertise is in Plant Biotechnology, working on issues such as transgenic crops, introgression and molecular markers associated to comercially relevant traits. Also has been involved as executive in projects of life-sciences network construction. Their interests are focused on link between fundamental and applied sciences, technological education and science networks.
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