Gestión Estratégica de la Tecnología en el Predesarrollo de Nuevos Productos


  • Alvaro R. Pedroza Zapata Departamento de Economía, Administración y Mercadología. ITESO
  • Sara Ortiz Cantú ITESO



FFE, Nuevos Productos, Estrategia Tecnológica, Innovación


The objective of this job is to propose a tool for innovation management in the Fuzzy Front End of New Product Development. The framework adopts a technology management approach. The method proposed parts from the establishment of technological fronts derived from the technological business strategy. For each front, relative technological maps of position of the business relating to the competitors and to the available technological and scientific knowledge are utilized. In these maps is contemplated the dimensions or attributes of the products, processes or services in which there is interest to develop knowledge trough a Technological Route of Exploration to increase the core competences of the business. The proposal is illustrated with a war room for SME of the chemical specialties sector.


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Author Biography

Sara Ortiz Cantú, ITESO

Departamento de Electrónica, Sistemas e Informática. Acadéica y Coordinadora del Centro de Consultoría en Gestión de la Innovación y la Tecnología


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Pedroza Zapata, A. R., & Ortiz Cantú, S. (2008). Gestión Estratégica de la Tecnología en el Predesarrollo de Nuevos Productos. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 3(3), 112–122.



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