Three Steps Methodology to Measure an Individual’s Personal Competences for Entrepreneurship Towards a “Particular” Business Idea.

Javier Finez


The use of certain diagnostic tools serving for the evaluation of a person’s suitability for entrepreneurship with regard to his/her competences is one of the domains that our organization has been paying attention over the last three years. Our approach tackles entrepreneurs’ competences from three different points of view: Their attitude, explained as “Desire to make or produce something”, their aptitude, explained as “Ability, knowledge or skill to make or produce something” and their capacity, explained as “to be able to make or produce something”. Different self-assessment and measurement tools are provided to evaluate each of the above mentioned variables, as a result of what, a report based on the combination of the attitude, aptitude and capacity of the particular entrepreneur towards the particular business idea proposed is produced. This report will orientate the entrepreneur as follows: If satisfactory, the entrepreneur is ready to set up the particular business idea as planned, if not satisfactory either, the business idea is not good or innovative enough to be a successful business as initially planned or the personal skills and capacities of the entrepreneur are not yet sufficient to face all the casualties and hazardous that to set up a business encompass.


Their attitude; Desire to make or produce something

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