Strengthening The Innovation Management: Insights From the Stage-Gates Model


  • Trajano Augustus Tavares Quinhoes Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - Fiocruz
  • Luís Velez Lapão UNIDEMI Research Center/FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL), Lisbon, Portugal



Innovation, Innovation Management, Innovation Management System, RD&I Management, Organizational Innovation, knowledge management.


This study explores a more pragmatic innovation management system (IMS), based on the Stage Gates Model developed by Cooper and the philosophy of the five Fs. It required extensive bibliographic research, which was carried out in the scientific bases of Web of Science, Scopus, EBSCO and google scholar, and also used the snowball technique. The System is a wide platform, subdivided in four processes: opportunity identification; opportunity selection and prioritization stage; implementation and protection of opportunities; and process and metrics evaluation. Contributions from other authors and more knowledge from management were also included, to strengthen innovation management capacities. The proposed model reflects the current generation of innovation research, based on the theory of ecosystems and the Total Innovation Management (TIM) perspective, and the most recent research on innovation management systems, which are dedicated to integrated models, networking, more regularity in projects evaluation, and parallelism and high functional integration.


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Tavares Quinhoes, T. A., & Velez Lapão, L. (2023). Strengthening The Innovation Management: Insights From the Stage-Gates Model . Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 18(2), 91–105.