The Impact Of Crowdsourcing in Organizations: A Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and Future Research Directions


  • Muhammad Ataur Rahman East West University
  • Mohammad Masudur Rahman East West University



Crowdsourcing, Systematic Literature Review (SLR), Organization, Management


Crowdsourcing is a very popular term in the management and business world in the 21St centu:y. This study engages in the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) methodology to investigate the impacts of crowdsourcing in formal organizations while undertaking their
businesses. In conducting the SLR process this study carried out the Text Analyses on the existing literature related to business and management fields. Then, Data Visualization tools were employed to understand how the ideas in the literature were connected. The
Visualization tools show how the condensed principles in the literature relate to the growth of the organization, produce the desired outcomes in implementations and influence the use of crowdsourcing according to peculiar situations of the organizations. Finally, the
Text Analyses of current literature and the findings of this paper pave the focus of future fillitful research directions.


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Author Biography

Mohammad Masudur Rahman, East West University

Dr. Mohammad Masudur Rahman is an Assistant Professor in Management Information Systems at the Department of Business Administration. He earned his Ph.D. and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT) from International Islamic University Malaysia, as well as an MSc. from Northumbria University in the United Kingdom. He is an IT professional whose research interests include Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Crowdfunding, and the adoption of technology in diverse industries. Dr. Rahman’s expertise in mixed methods research inspires him to explore and examine various research topics in the field of ICT.




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Rahman, M. . A., & Rahman, M. M. (2023). The Impact Of Crowdsourcing in Organizations: A Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and Future Research Directions. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 18(2), 81–90.