Utilização de Resíduos Agro-Industriais em Processos Biotecnológicos como Perspectiva de Redução do Impacto Ambiental

Lúcia Helena Pelizer, Márcia Helena Pontieri, Iracema de Oliveira Moraes


The increasing concern about the environment has been mobilizing some market segments. Several governmental bodies and industries are preparing to apply an environment policy that diminishes the negative impacts to the nature. The industrial residue, after being generated, needs an adjusted destination, since, beyond creating potential environment problems, the residues represent losses of raw materials and energy, demanding significant investments in the pollution controlling treatments. The food industry produces a series of residues of high value of (re)utilization. Many works study the residues bioutilization such as the crushed sugar cane for protein enrichment of animal ration. In this work it will be presented a study of a possible usage of the crushed sugar cane for the production of Spirulina with satisfactory protein increment results when compared with other results gotten in literature.


resíduo, reaproveitamento, impacto ambiental, bioutilização, cana-de-açúcar

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