Explorando los Impactos de la RFID en los Procesos de Negocios de una Cadena de Suministro

Ygal Bendavid, Linda Castro, Louis A. Lefebvre, Élisabeth Lefebvre


The main purpose of this exploratory study is to improve our understanding of the potential of RFID technology in the context of selected activities in one specific supply chain in the utility industry. Empirical data was gathered from two closely inter-related firms from three layers of the supply chain. A research approach is proposed where we aim to identify RFID opportunities, build potential scenarios and validate these scenarios through laboratory simulation. Results indicate that the adoption of RFID technology allows i) the development of new business models, ii) the integration of processes, and iii) the reengineering and automation of existing processes, facilitating supply chain integration and B-to-B e-commerce activities.

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