Value contributions of the venture capitalist in Mexico: building an exit for the investment

Enrique Wiencke


Venture capitalists provide money and non-monetary contributions to high-growth ventures to help them become great companies. Although it is known that these contributions have an impact on the growth of the firm, little is known in Mexico of their nature, how they get into the venture, and how they contribute to the development of the company. The present article reports a proposed substantive theory that explains how the venture capitalist work hand in hand with the entrepreneur to grow the company. This substantive theory emerged from data collected through interviews to nine venture capitalists and nine entrepreneurs, and analyzed as proposed by the grounded theory methodology. The resulting substantive theory acknowledges that contributions of venture capitalists, often called value-added, are relative to building an exit for the investment.


venture capital; venture capitalist; value-added; high-growth venture; high-growth entrepreneur; innovation; high-tech; venture financing; grounded theory; Mexico.

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