Do social networks and technological capabilities help knowledge management?

  • Encarnación García-Sánchez
  • Víctor Jesús García-Morales
  • Rodrigo Martín-Rojas
Keywords: Social networks, Top management support for technology, Technological skills, Distinctive technological skills, Knowledge management.


Dynamic capabilities are currently becoming an important extension of the theory of resources and capabilities that enables companies to adapt better in the current competitive environment. This paper examines how knowledge management, a dynamic function related to management or administration of a set of knowledge flows, develops thanks to the greater dynamism of social networks. It then shows how this relationship is especially strengthened by different technological capabilities. To achieve these goals, the paper examines the main tools that permit companies to develop an ability to achieve competitive advantage relative to the technological capabilities of managers and workers, social networks and knowledge management.


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García-Sánchez, E., García-Morales, V. J., & Martín-Rojas, R. (2017). Do social networks and technological capabilities help knowledge management?. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 12(4), 65-69.
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